Capturing the love between a horse and their human, is so precious to me. The bond you have with your horse, is so incredible. These images are so valuable and you will treasure them forever. I'm stopping time for you in these photos, fleeting moments that will now last forever. Horses are precious, your bond is even more precious. 

I love being in nature, Peloton bike, yoga and barre are my daily routines, I love herbal tea and iced coffee, my dogs are my best friends (I have a Cairn terrier and a Border Collie/Mini Australian shepherd mix) and Mustang horses are my favourite in the world.

I love traveling and learning more about other cultures. I believe in heritage, in creating timeless, luminous & elegant heirlooms, in quality over quantity, in tangible prints & handmade albums and in creating beautiful legacies. Light and nature inspires me greatly.

I am based both in Tucson, Arizona and The Hague, The Netherlands (where I was born and raised) and am fluent in both English and Dutch. 

I've been a professional photographer since 2006. I've had the huge honour of documenting 300+ weddings around the globe, photographing in gorgeous locations in the US, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Curacao, Italy, France, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Belgium and The Netherlands. My work has been published in print and on blogs around the world over the past years and I've won multiple awards with my wedding, travel, dog & equine images. I co-founded and co-organised the European Wedding Congress for multiple years and have taught photography workshops and mentoring sessions to fellow photographers in Europe. 

I'd be incredibly honoured to work with you on creating timeless heirlooms of you and your best friend! Contact me for more information or to inquire about booking a session.

I can't wait to hear from you!

Read what clients have to say below in the testimonials.


“Anouschka's pictures not only capture the shot, they capture the feeling.
It takes an amazing eye to capture the split seconds, and Anouschka does it so beautifully. It is such a blessing to have the moments captured with such detail & love. If you want a photographer that will give you memories to last through the generations, this is the one you must have.”

“I love Anouschka’s photographs! She is so passionate in her work and you can see her talent in every picture she takes.

Because of her I have the most amazing pictures with my favourite horses which will capture my special moments with them for ever.

Thank you!”

“Working with Anouschka has been an overall amazing experience. She listened to my ideas and gave the right instructions to create the perfect pictures from them. The working atmosphere was relaxed and cheerful so I felt very comfortable during to shoot. The pictures turned out to be stunning!
She has a unique eye for catching movements in a way that they look really natural. Also her style of choosing the lighting is magical to me.
I’m so looking forward to book her again!”

“Not only does Anouschka find the visual beauty seemingly everywhere she looks, but she somehow captures the emotional magic of the most important moments.
When I look back on photos she’s taken of me and Pisco, my horse of many years, I can feel every ounce of love that was shared between us.

Thanks to Anouschka’s talent and skill, I can hold that feeling close to me whenever I need it most.”

“Anouschka is an amazing, passionate professional. She has the ability to connect with horses, get in touch with their essence and put it in pictures.

Through her photography she generates emotions which last forever.
Every time I look back at the pictures she took for me of my clinic, I get surprised, because I notice details that I didn’t before.”

“Anouschka has an incredible ability to capture special moments on camera.

I was delighted with the photos she shot with some some of my favourite horses. She really captured the essence of the unique bond between horses and people.

The shoot was great fun and I will always treasure the photos as a memory of that extraordinary time.”

“You’re soooo incredibly talented.
We had so much fun.
You’re literally so amazing😭 I just went and looked at the gallery and WOW!!

You’re my forever photographer lol so so great💕💕
Thank you so much!!!!”

“Thank you so so much for the fun evening!!
These photos are amazing!!!

I’m honestly in love with them.”

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