Hi, I am Anouschka

Hi! I'm Anouschka, I've been a professional photographer since 2006, having photographed 300+ weddings in gorgeous locations all around the world and having my wedding & editorial work published in magazines and on leading wedding blogs around the world. I've taught wedding photography workshops to fellow wedding photographers in Europe and co-founded and co-organised the European Wedding Congress for 5 years in The Netherlands.

Editing all those photos after a wedding or a few portrait shoots, takes up a lot of time. I know that all too well! You'd love to have more time away from the computer screen but handing over your raw images to someone feels scary. 

I like building a long lasting relationship with my editing clients but can also help out just during busy seasons or when you are just really overwhelmed and need some help. I take the time to get to know your style and will edit your images in your style, using your preset, if you use one. All editing is done in Lightroom. 

I'm a horse girl, love denim and cowboy boots. I love light and nature, am a yogi, love salted caramel tea and Nespresso, my dog is my best friend and Mustang horses are my favourite in the world. I am based both in Tucson, Arizona and The Hague, The Netherlands (where I was born and raised) and am fluent in both English and Dutch. 

I'd love to work with you and give you your life back away from the computer screen!

Read more info about the process below or contact me for more information or to set up a complimentary online call to chat.

Private photo editing

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of editing you have to do after each session and/or wedding?

Being a full time wedding & dog photographer myself, I know all about the time spend behind the computer.

To create a better life-work balance, I have decided to take on a few weddings less from now on and be home more often on the weekends. 

As a private editor, I will develop a one:one relationship with you when it comes to your editing. I will edit your images just like you would edit them, using any presets you may use. It's not a one time thing, so I will only take on a handful of photographers this year to edit for. Why choose a private editor and not a big company? With me, you know that I will be the one editing your images. I will invest time in getting to know your work and your editing style. I can also edit the images in my own signature style, using my preset that I've developed myself.

So how does this thing work?

After the wedding, you cull your images and send me the Lightroom Smart previews through our shared Dropbox folder that I will set up for you. I will start by editing 10 images for you and send them back so you can take a look and see if you are happy with those or if anything needs to be adjusted. Once you are happy with those images, I will move forward and edit your full gallery.

You will receive the gallery back in 5-7 business days. It's as easy as that! You can live anywhere in the world to work together. Since everything is transferred online, it doesn't matter where either of us are. I'm currently serving photographers in the USA, UK, Belgium and The Netherlands. I charge a fixed price per image, not per hour so you know instantly when sending me a catalogue, how much the invoice will be based on the number of images send.

I'm at my best when I can edit images in a light and airy style. Since I'm a film and digital shooter, I can also edit film scans for you.

Are you interested in working together? Send me a message through the contact page and I'll happily answer any questions or set up a complimentary video chat.