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“Anouschka's pictures not only capture the shot, they capture the feeling.
It takes an amazing eye to capture the split seconds, and Anouschka does it so beautifully. It is such a blessing to have the moments captured with such detail & love. If you want a photographer that will give you memories to last through the generations, this is the one you must have.”

—Kelsey Cook, Dream Horse AZ

“Not only does Anouschka find the visual beauty seemingly everywhere she looks, but she somehow captures the emotional magic of the most important moments.
When I look back on photos she’s taken of me and Pisco, my horse of many years, I can feel every ounce of love that was shared between us.

Thanks to Anouschka’s talent and skill, I can hold that feeling close to me whenever I need it most.”

—Zoë L.

“I can’t thank you enough for capturing moments in time with my heart horse. I especially love the ones of his eye(s). It means so much to me to know that after he’s gone, I can still look into those eyes in a photo. It’s like looking into his heart and soul, which often times has been my refuge. Your photos are such a gift. I’ll be forever grateful.”


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