Fleeting moments in time, captured forever. Whether that's with your horse, your dog, during your wedding day or for an anniversary session, time is frozen for you in that image, to now hold on to forever.


Equine and Dog collections begin at $195 + tax

Horse & Human collections begin at $325 + tax

The Mustang Trainer collection (2 shoots during training and one portrait session at the end of training) is $395 + tax

Wedding collections begin at $1795 + tax

Engagement, couple and anniversary portraits begin at $325 + tax

Pricing for businesses and events are always custom made since each request is so different.

Please contact me to receive full pricing PDF's.

Veterans, active military and first responders receive a 10% discount.


“I love Anouschka’s photographs! She is so passionate in her work and you can see her talent in every picture she takes.

Because of her I have the most amazing pictures with my favourite horses which will capture my special moments with them for ever.”


“Anouschka has an incredible ability to capture special moments on camera.

I was delighted with the photos she shot with some some of my favourite horses. She really captured the essence of the unique bond between horses and people.

The shoot was great fun and I will always treasure the photos as a memory of that extraordinary time.”


“Working with Anouschka has been an overall amazing experience. She listened to my ideas and gave the right instructions to create the perfect pictures from them. The working atmosphere was relaxed and cheerful so I felt very comfortable during to shoot.

The pictures turned out to be stunning!
She has a unique eye for catching movements in a way that they look really natural. Also her style of choosing the lighting is magical to me.

I’m so looking forward to book her again!”


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