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Hi, I’m Anouschka. I’m a photographer who specializes in horses, dogs and weddings with a passion for capturing moments in time. I’m originally from the Netherlands, but I now call the gorgeous state of Arizona my home. With a camera in my hand and a heart full of enthusiasm, I love catching life’s most precious moments. For the last 18 years, I have been lucky enough to pursue my passion for the art of photography.

My story begins in the charming country of the Netherlands, where I first fell in love with photography. Amidst the serene landscapes and vibrant culture, I saw inspiration everywhere I looked. It was here I began my journey of documenting emotions and stories through pictures. Or as I like to say, turning magic moments into visual masterpieces.

Little did I know then, life had exciting plans in store for me. As I embarked on a journey that led me to the captivating landscapes of the American Southwest, I found my soulmate in the heart of Arizona. The transition from the tulip fields of my homeland to the enchanting deserts of the wild west has been a remarkable adventure which continues to inspire my work. 

Wedding photography has taken me across the globe, capturing love stories all over the world. From the romantic canals of The Netherlands to the traditional elegance of the UK, the sun-soaked beaches of Curacao to the timeless allure of Italy’s streets. My work has garnered significant recognition along the way and won several awards. Esteemed magazines and influential weddings blogs have featured my work. 

Also, I’m the cofounder of the European Wedding Congress and was a co-organizer for five years. I’m honored to have contributed to the growth and evolution of the wedding industry in Europe. This platform I share with fellow professionals has been deeply influential to my craft, fostering the growth of an exceptional community bursting with creativity and innovation.

Since moving to Arizona a few years ago, the focus of my art has expanded to include those irreplaceable four-legged friends of ours! I adore horses, dogs and farm animals, and felt I’ve always had a unique connection to them. There is something so magical about the bond between humans and their most loyal companions. Capturing these connections through my lens brings me immense joy, I can’t emphasize this enough. My goal is always to catch the true nature of these relationships through the art of photography. Whether it's the grace of a horse in motion, the playfulness of a dog's gaze, or the intricate moments that unfold which we don’t always notice…

When I'm not behind the camera, I’m an avid Peloton fan (yoga and barre are my favorites), an outdoor enthusiast and a herbal tea drinker (chamomile in particular if you’re asking 🙂). I absolutely love to travel. Rome is by far my favorite city and the thrill of exploring new places and cultures fuels my creativity and inspires me daily. I’m a huge fan of all things organic and authentic. This aligns with my desire to capture genuine, unfiltered moments in time. 

A huge thank you for joining me on this photography journey. I really can’t wait to capture the unique magic of you, alongside your loved ones.

“Light, in all its forms, is my ultimate muse. I'm obsessed with capturing the perfect play of light in my photographs. It has the power to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Whether it's the soft, golden glow of sunset or the gentle embrace of morning's first light, the element of light dictates the mood and feel of the picture. I strive to harness these elements to craft images that resonate with authenticity and emotion.” 

Anouschka Rokebrand Photography


If you're looking for a photographer to capture your magic moments and craft images that you will love forever, you've found her. 

Anouschka is a professional who cares deeply about her work. She has been my go-to photographer for the past five years and I look back fondly on every session I've done with her. What's great is that I can share my ideas with her and rest easy knowing that she will surpass my expectations with her pictures every time.

Anouschka has a special way of using light. She uses the element of light and truly captures the magic of the moment. She transforms your moments into memories that last forever. She has a special talent for seeing exactly what small details to document so that your animal's unique personality really pops out. 

Anouschka skillfully captures the unique dynamic of each relationship. Whether it's pictures with your spouse at your wedding, or your four-legged best friend.


“Anouschka is an amazing, passionate professional. She has the ability to connect with horses, get in touch with their essence and put it in pictures.

Through her photography she generates emotions which last forever.
Every time I look back at the pictures she took for me of my clinic, I get surprised, because I notice details that I didn’t before.”


“You’re soooo incredibly talented.
We had so much fun.
You’re literally so amazing😭 I just went and looked at the gallery and WOW!!

You’re my forever photographer, so so great 💕💕
Thank you so much!!!!”


“Thank you so so much for the fun evening!!
These photos are amazing!!!
I’m honestly in love with them.”


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