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I grew up a horse girl and always will be a horse girl. I'm obsessed with dogs. I was born and raised in The Netherlands and now reside in sunny Tucson, Arizona with my American husband, my dogs, chickens, goats, a pig & ducks.
Nature and light are my greatest inspiration. Documenting precious moments in someone's life is the greatest joy. It's a task I'll never take lightly.

I've been a professional photographer since 2006.

I've had the huge honour of documenting 300+ weddings around the globe, photographing in gorgeous locations in the US, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Curacao, Italy, France, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Belgium and The Netherlands.

My work has been published in print and on blogs around the world over the past years and I've won multiple awards with my wedding, travel, dog & equine images. I co-founded and co-organised the European Wedding Congress for multiple years and have taught photography workshops and mentoring sessions to fellow photographers in Europe. 

I'd be incredibly honoured to work with you on creating timeless heirlooms of you and your best friend! Contact me for more information or to inquire about booking a session.

I can't wait to hear from you!


“Anouschka is an amazing, passionate professional. She has the ability to connect with horses, get in touch with their essence and put it in pictures.

Through her photography she generates emotions which last forever.
Every time I look back at the pictures she took for me of my clinic, I get surprised, because I notice details that I didn’t before.”


“You’re soooo incredibly talented.
We had so much fun.
You’re literally so amazing😭 I just went and looked at the gallery and WOW!!

You’re my forever photographer, so so great 💕💕
Thank you so much!!!!”


“Thank you so so much for the fun evening!!
These photos are amazing!!!
I’m honestly in love with them.”



Fact 1

I was born and raised in The Netherlands so I am fluent in both Dutch & English.


Fact 2

Mustang horses are my favorite in the world. I'm so honored to have photographed so many gorgeous Mustangs with their trainers and their person.


Fact 3

Peloton is my daily routine. Cycling, barre, meditation & yoga are my favorites.


Fact 4

I love being outdoors and enjoying the beautiful desert scenery. The pups and I go on daily hikes.


Fact 5

I've traveled quite a bit all over the globe. My favorite city in the world is Rome. What a gem of a place. Favorite country is the UK.


Fact 6

Herbal teas are a daily habit. Chamomile and Dandelion are two favorites.


Fact 7

Hobby Lobby is my weakness. I'm not a big shopper at all but I could go to Hobby Lobby every single week.


Fact 8

I'm obsessed with dogs. I couldn't imagine life without them, they honestly are my best friends and I love meeting pups everywhere I go.

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