Whether it's photos of just your horse you are after, photos of you with your horse, photos of your equine business or event or if you are a Mustang trainer looking to get photos of the journey towards that TIP Challenge or Extreme Mustang Makeover, you would like your dog photographed, you're wanting to have senior or graduation photos taken with your horse or you are getting married, I've got you covered!

Kind words

“You are absolutely amazing!! These photos are everything we needed and more. I'm so excited!!!”

—Chauncey & Hannah Smith DVM

“Omg!!! The pics are amazing!!! Love it!!! You always do a great job!
Thank you for always capturing the spirit of the mustang in your photography.”

—Nicole O.

“Super! I'm thrilled with the images. It's exactly how I wanted them!”

—Coldcreek Ranch

“Thanks for sending the photos, that was much faster than I expected. I love them and cannot stop looking at them. Choosing a few to print is going to be an issue because there are so many precious ones. We enjoyed meeting you and am so grateful you were able to capture the special bond I feel that Tess and I have.”

—Jean D.