September 20, 2023

Jacque & Phoebe: phase 2 Mustang trainer sessions


I know I sound like a broken record, but watching all these incredible Mustang journeys through my lens these past months, has been such a joy and honor.

For Jacque it was the last chance to participate in the youth category for the Arizona TIP Challenge and while she usually trains burros, she decided to train a Mustang this time!

Little Phoebe has been amazing and seeing the bond that these two have, is so amazing.

Jacque is keeping Phoebe and I can sense that this could very well be her heart horse! She absolutely adores Phoebe and the feeling is mutual!

I photographed a trainers session for them a few weeks ago and now it was time for their portrait session!

I've loved watching their journey these past months and I cannot wait to see them continue their training together over the next years!