August 28, 2023

Jeff & Monsoon: phase 2 portraits

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The journey for Jeff & Monsoon is coming to a close soon as they are getting ready to head to Texas in about 2 weeks for the Ft. Worth Mustang show where Monsoon will be available for purchase at the auction.

Monsoon has done tremendously well, he is one heck of a horse! He's gorgeous too, he's going to make someone an incredible companion!

The weather has been quite all over the place with crazy heat but also monsoon storms that are usually not in the forecast. As was the case when we planned this session. It was supposed to be dry. But I guess when the horse's name is Monsoon and it is monsoon season, it shouldn't come as a suprise that you get caught in a monsoon storm during the photo session :D

And that is exactly what happened. We had to cut the session short but that rainbow at the end of our session that I managed to capture in the last shots, made it all worth it!

I'm wishing Jeff & Monsoon an incredible time in Texas, I know they will kick some booty out there! Honored to have been part of this journey once again <3