February 17, 2020

Nate, Mercedes & Nacho


This shoot is incredibly special to me. I was SO honoured when one of my favourite Mustang trainers, Nate Eicher, asked me to take photos of him and his two Extreme Mustang Makeover horses, Mercedes and Nacho. Nate has won the Makeover 4 times already and been reserve Champion three times. I absolutely LOVED the freestyles that he did this year in Ft. Worth. One with Mercedes during the Mustang Magic Celebrity Freestyle and the next night with Nacho during the Finals. 

These two Mustangs are so different from each other and both so darling in their own way. Nate does incredible work with them, riding them bridle less being one of my favourite things he does with them. 

Nacho is his Mustang from this year’s Makeover in Ft. Worth and to think that this incredible boy was untouched and wild only 5 months ago, is simply amazing. 

Both of these boys are incredible ambassadors for their breed. Mustangs have my heart, always <3

Thank you Nate and Amy for trusting me to take these photos for you. It was such an honour to work with you and Mercedes & Nacho!