January 21, 2020

The Why


Why, why do you take photos of horses and people with their horses? Why should you consider getting professional photos taken with your horse? 

Questions I hear often!

My why for doing what I do, is very simple: to preserve memories. To capture fleeting moments in time for generations to come. 

Your horse is, often, your best friend in the world. The one you share all your secrets with. The one who is there for you. The one on whose back you forget all your worries and feel like you can breathe again when things are a bit rough.

That bond is unlike anything else. It’s so special. It’s the most beautiful thing to document. Because these images you will treasure, even more so in the future. Because there might be a day where you have to say goodbye to that best friend. And then these images will be treasured even more. 

I had the huge honour or photographing Zoë with her best friend Pisco twice over the past few years. Pisco left for Rainbow Bridge very unexpectedly and quickly a few months ago and hearing from Zoë how special these images now are to her and how she has them framed on her wall to remember her best friend on a daily basis, is incredibly special to me and makes me even more grateful that I get to document these incredible bonds.