October 17, 2021

Top tips for a winter wedding


It’s the most popular time of the year to propose, but are you also envisioning a winter wedding? Whilst historically it hasn’t been the most popular season to get married, as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc with wedding plans and schedules, couples are having to adapt ahead of their special day.

There are plenty of benefits attached to hosting a winter wedding, but there are also a few potential pitfalls to consider. Whether you already have your heart set on a winter wonderland wedding, or if you’re still weighing up your options, consider our three top tips below to ensure your day will go off without a hitch.

Request a night-time venue viewing

A typical venue viewing would be scheduled during the day. However, if you’re considering a winter wedding, then it can be worth requesting a viewing in late afternoon or the evening. Since most of the reception at least will take place in the dark, it is important to get a sense of how the venue will look when the sun goes down. The feel of a venue will likely be very different from day to night, particularly in the winter, so ensure the vibe in the evening fits the mould of what you’re looking for.

With winter weddings on the rise, most venues will be very accommodating, and adept at giving you any information you need, from how the lighting will work to fending off the elements. Considerably more of your day will likely be spent inside, so focus lots of your attention on the indoor layout to create a cosy winter wonderland for you and your guests.

Adjust your menu accordingly

If you have your heart set on an intimate, low-key wedding, then a wintery scene could provide the perfect backdrop. It doesn’t have to be snowing outside to recreate your very own winter wonderland, however – there are many different ways to give your wedding that Christmassy feel.

Why not start with the food and drinks? Hosting a wedding at this time of year gives you greater scope to be more creative with your menu. Consider offering warming, hearty food such as soups and stews. When it comes to the bar, why not transport your guests to an enchanting Bavarian Christmas market, with some mulled wine or hot chocolate.

Whilst your guests will be expecting the customary glass of champagne on arrival, you may look to include some warming drinks throughout the day, particularly after the ceremony, if it’s being held outside. This will go a long way to making your guests feel more comfortable on the day, and as an added bonus any kids attending will be beside themselves with an unlimited supply of steaming hot chocolate.

Be adaptable

Wedding planning can be complicated at the best of times, but the process can become even more difficult when organising a winter ceremony. Weather will be a big factor at any winter wedding, not only on the day, but also in the build-up. Consider travel restrictions or delays which can be brought about by icy or snowy conditions.

This could also have a drastic impact on your choice of venue. It could be worth hosting the ceremony and reception at the same location to reduce travel times and prevent your guests from having to undertake a strenuous journey between the different parts of the day.

You might also have to compromise on timings of your wedding. Bear in mind that you will have significantly less daylight than in the summer months, and you likely wouldn’t want your ceremony or photos to happen in the dark. Whilst most weddings will designate some time after the ceremony to fill up the photo album, with light constraints, you may decide to forgo tradition and opt for a first look to get the best photos possible. You didn’t invest all that time and money in your diamond engagement ring for it not to be shown off after all!