January 19, 2023

Top tips for making animals a key part of your wedding day


Everyone wants their wedding day to go exactly as they planned. But if you have your heart set on giving a pet or other animal a role on your special day, it suddenly becomes harder for things to go smoothly.

Whether you give them a starring role in the ceremony or just have them as part of your post-nuptial entertainment, there are lots of reasons why many couples decide to bring animals into their wedding. Whilst some animals will be easier to manage than others, including any type of creature comfort will bring with it some potential complications that have to be considered.

If animals are set to be a part of your big day, here are some of our top tips to ensure everything goes just as you dreamed.

Have a plan B

Unfortunately, animals are often far less sympathetic to the countless hours you put into meticulously ensuring everything is crossed off your wedding-planning checklist, and they can be prone to going a little off-script at times. As a result, it’s important to have alternative plans in place if on the day your furry guests decide that they aren’t willing to cooperate.

For example, you may have planned to have a dog walk down the aisle with another member of your wedding party. However, if they’re feeling particularly irritable, there’s every chance they could hold up your ceremony. As much as you love them, your tolerance level may be slightly lower on this special day, so be sure to plan for the worst case scenario, and have alternative ideas on standby.

Get an experienced photographer

Bringing animals in as part of your wedding day will certainly create special memories for you and your guests, whilst also helping to bring that all-important personal touch to proceedings. However, if you want these special moments to live long in the memory, it’s crucial that you recruit a wedding photographer who has experience in dealing with animals.

This way, they will be able to identify the best photo opportunities, and most importantly you can ensure that they’ll be comfortable on the day. Particularly if it’s a pet or a shared favourite animal