May 22, 2023

Welcome home, Sage

Personal, Dogs

Welcome home, Sage. Meet our newest family member, she's a 13 week old Maremma sheepdog puppy from Dreamstar Farm here in Tucson.

There were 4 girls available and I had no clue how we would pick! But Sage made it easy, because she picked us. While the others were all busy playing and exploring, she kept coming back to us for cuddles.

That's when we knew she was the one! We left her at the breeder with her mom and dad for another 2 weeks. She's been home for a week now and it feels like she's always been here.

Life is crazy with baby goats and now a puppy plus photo sessions and lots of editing work for my photographer clients but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Sage has definitely stolen our hearts already <3