February 6, 2024

Arizona Burro Bonanza 2024 TIP Challenge

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A TIP challenge with only Burros! It was so much fun. The Arizona Burro Bonanza was a great success and I'm so proud of the trainers and all they accomplished with these wild Burros.

Because training a Burro is not easy. We don't have the saying "stubborn ass" for no reason, I can tell you that much! These guys have a mind of their own!

This challenge was also bittersweet, because this will be the last TIP challenge. Hopefully just for a while but right now, nobody knows. The funding got pulled from the Mustang Heritage Foundation and so the TIP program (Trainer Incentive Program) that got so many of these amazing wild Mustangs and Burros out of the holding pens and into loving homes, is no more.

We're all keeping our fingers crossed that this is just a temporary thing and that it will return.

I'd like to thank Annie, first and foremost for her trust in me to document these challenges for her the past few years. Her dedication and passion for what she does, is inspiring to say the least. She's been incredible to work with and I cannot thank her enough.

A big thank you to the trainers that I got to photograph at these challenges over the years, for their enthusiasm and all the shout outs on social media.

Hopefully we'll be back with another TIP challenge soon. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite images from the Burro Bonanza at the John Volken Academy in Queen Creek.