September 27, 2023

Arizona Mustang TIP Challenge: September 2023 at Welcome Home Ranch in Gilbert, AZ

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I've been very fortunate to be the official photographer for the Arizona Mustang TIP Challenge for a while now but this one, this one is very special!

This is one of the very first TIP Challenges where adult trainers had the option to get their Mustang ready under saddle!

The trainers all had 5 months to get their horses ready, whether for the riding division or the in-hand division.

I'm so proud of each and every one of them for the journey they've taken with these wild horses. They truly are changing these horses lives by getting them out of holding and getting them ready for new homes. Mustangs are incredible horses and deserve every chance in life!

This TIP Challenge was 2 days as always with the categories Handling, Maneuvers, Trail and my personal favorite, the freestyles.