June 8, 2022

Basecamp for Veterans: Fundraiser day at White Stallion Ranch, Tucson

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Basecamp for Veterans is such an amazing organization and I'm so honored to photograph their events!

At the end of May, right before class 4 started, they organized a wonderful Fundraiser day at White Stallion Ranch in Tucson. Donors were able to experience a day where they got to see and experience the activities that the veterans and their families get to participate in during their week of class.

Donors were able to go riding, take riding lessons, attend a horsemanship clinic, learn how to groom and bathe horses, go shooting, do archery and participate in Team Penning. The day ended with a silent auction and dinner. It was such a wonderful and successful day.

If you are a veteran and equine therapy is something that appeals to you, definitely check out the BCI website and fill out an application for the next class which will be early next year.