April 30, 2024

Coldcreek Ranch: cattle ranch

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For ages I had been wanting to photograph at a working cattle ranch. I have the utmost respect for our ranchers as they work so hard and are often so undervalued.

When I connected with fellow Dutchie in Arizona, Benthe, who is part of the family that runs Coldcreek Ranch, I was given the opportunity to photograph at the ranch.

The day I was there they had just gathered cows in the morning as they are merging them all into one group and had to brand, vaccinate and castrate a few of the baby calfs.

The babies are just the cutest. They have a bottle baby on their porch at the moment as she was in bad shape when they found her a few weeks ago but she's thriving now. She is the cutest little thing and I just about took her home!

The ranch is amazing and they offer guest stays too! Since the guest facilities are very small scale, it makes it for a very private and genuine experience. You get to experience true cattle ranch life when you stay here. They have rooms in their main ranch house, a bunkhouse but also clamping tents and even a yurt! The surroundings are absolutely breathtaking.

I'll be returning for a stay here for sure and can only highly recommend this amazing place.

A huge thank you to the Schwennesen family for having me and for their hospitality and kindness throughout the day.