November 21, 2023

Karuna Horse Rescue: equine non profit

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Kill pens, all horse lovers know they exist. Luckily there are incredible rescue organizations out there who rescue horses and ponies from there and give them a wonderful new life at their rescue. Karuna Horse Rescue in Tucson does just that. They currently have 24 horses and mini ponies, most have come from kill pens. One was even pregnant when she was rescued, another was rescued with her foal. Each of these horses and ponies have a giant story to tell.

I was honored to meet each and every one of them and the incredible people who run Karuna with so much heart and passion.

I took headshots of every horse and pony they currently have for them to use on their website, socials and for marketing purposes. Because marketing is always needed to raise much needed funds.

If you are looking to volunteer at a horse rescue in Tucson or for a new non profit to donate to, I can only highly recommend Karuna. The work they do and the passion they put into it, is absolutely incredible.