May 6, 2024

Rockin' KM Cattle Company Spring branding

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Sometimes opportunities just cross your path when you least expect it.

We walk the dogs multiple times a week on State Land that has a grazing lease by a working cattle ranch. We'd never bumped into the rancher or his staff before. Recently though, we did. On the day that they were rounding up their cattle for the Spring branding session.

I was invited to come back that very afternoon to the corrals to photograph their branding event.

The cattle here have acres and acres of land to roam and get to live their life as cows are supposed to, which is one of the things I so appreciate. This is the one time in their lives that they have any human interaction and the crew here made it as smooth and quick for every calf as they could. It was a well oiled machine where everyone was responsible for 1 single thing and it worked like clock work. At the end they ensure that every calf is reunited with their mom before they are let back out onto the land.

I cannot thank everyone who was there enough. Everyone was so friendly and kind, it was an absolute pleasure to document this.