May 25, 2023

Shelby & Jellybean phase 1: mustang trainer session

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I've had the huge pleasure of working with Shelby multiple times. She's currently training a new Mustang mare for the AZ September TIP Challenge (the first one under saddle!) and the Ft. Worth Mustang show. I'm extremely honored to be documenting this journey for her.

She wanted her first session with Jellybean, her gorgeous mare, to be during the clinic of Jeff Cook where Jeff would be guiding her to get Jellybean ready for the first ride.

Jellybean learned to wear a saddle, to be ponied, to be driven from the ground and to feel the weight of someone on her back. She'll be ready for that first ride very soon and I'm so proud of Shelby and how far she has come with her already in just the 3 weeks she has had her when this clinic took place.

I can't wait to see their journey unfold!